Ping Pong Playa opens in Vancouver: imagine a hip hop speaking basketball playing NBA wannabe – but he is Chinese?

Ping Pong Player: Imagine a Chinese Will Smith playing table tennis with attitude

pingpong_cdub2 by you.

“C-Dub Wang” – the hippest hoppest ping pong player ever to wear a basketball jersey – in the movie Ping Pong Playa.

I just checked out the on-line preview of Ping Pong Playa.

Forget James Bond and Quantuum of Solace – I want to see THIS movie now!!!

pingpong_cdub_jennifer by you.

Girl meets Boy, doesn't like Boy – Boy finds a way to win Girl.  Smith Cho plays Jennifer and Jimmy Tsai plays C-Dub Wang.

Here's a message from my friend Joyce Lam of Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre

Dear Friends

I saw this movie at the Vancouver Asian Film
Festival and it is the BEST movie I've seen all year… if I could
nominate this movie for Best Picture and Best Male Lead Actor, I would.
Check it out yourself and Enjoy.


Here is a message from Jimmy Tsai and Jessica Wu, members of the PING PONG PLAYA Production….

are extremely thrilled to write to you about the upcoming release of
our movie PING PONG PLAYA beginning November 14th! It's an exciting
time–but here's where we need your help. We'll let the movie speak for
itself (if the reactions of people who have seen the movie is any
indication, we firmly believe you won't be disappointed), but we need
your help to spread the word about the release of the movie.
Independent movies don't have the marketing budget to compete against
the mammoth studio movies, but what we do have is intense, strong
word-of-mouth (just check out any of a number of our reviews–from
outlets large and small, from critics, bloggers, and chat room posters

Please help us continue to spread the word and come
check out the movie opening weekend (Nov. 14th at the CINEMARK

Our website:

See you at the theaters soon,

Jimmy Tsai – Writer/Co-Producer/2nd Assistant Production Accountant
Jessica Yu – Director-Writer
Joan Huang – Producer
Anne Clements – Producer
Jeffrey Gou – Executive Producer

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