Last weekend to catch flight with Damon Calderwood in Billy Bishop Goes to War

2008_Nov20 003 by you.
Actor Damon Calderwood plays Captain Billy Bishop.  He shows Todd Wong his model airplane that he “flies” during his energetic performance – photo T. Wong collection

Damon Calderwood is FANTASTIC in his peformance of “Billy Bishop Goes to War”: at the Deep Cove Shaw Theatre.

Moments of applause burst throughout the performance at all the right places. 
There have been standing ovations every night, except once “when we turned the houselights up too early,” producer Jack Smith told me.

This is a show you wished you had seen earlier, so you could tell all your friends about.

Billy Bishop is a remarkable piece of written theatre. And Damon
really makes each of the 18 different characters he plays distinct and
real.  Playwright John McLachlan Gray attended the opening night performance and said “it's a very clear production,” pleased that Damon really undoubtedly “becomes” each character… instead of merely playing them.

It is a showcase for:
Canadian WW1 history
Canadian theatre
playwright John McLachlan Gray
Damon’s talent

I only met Damon earlier this year, we we played against each other in the Celtic Fest’s “Battle of the Bards”

see my blog article and pictures:
Toddish McWong’s “Robert Burns” wins Battle of the Bards at Celtic Fest

Here are some of Damon's own words he sent to me in an email:

I just wanted to send out a final reminder about Billy Bishop Goes to War (my long-awaited and finally-realized dream role!).

Roberts and I have had a wonderful time doing it, and some sellouts
already, but it must come to an end on Sat Nov 22. I've attached a few
pictures from our invited dress rehearsal.

We have four shows
left, and it will likely sell out towards the end, so do phone for
tickets right away if you can (call Eileen at 604-929-9456). As of this
e-mail, we have tickets left for all four shows, so hopefully everyone
that wants to can get a ticket! $18/$15.

The shows are Wed Nov
19, Thur Nov 20, Fri Nov 21, and Sat Nov 22 at 8pm each night. Deep
Cove's Shaw Theatre in North Van. 4360 Gallant Avenue just a few
minutes from the second narrows bridge.

I am so grateful for all
those people who have already come to see the show…in this case, I
truly believe the audience is as much a part of the show as are the
actors, and the great audiences we've had have made each show an
amazing ride for Gordon and I.

Joyfully yours,


(in the skies as “Billy” for one more week)

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