Christmas music on accordion on youtube

It's Christmas…. with Christmas songs in the air… on accordion.

Okay… I am guilty of playing Christmas songs on accordion.  It's a great way to create a singalong.  You can't always carry a piano with you from house party to house party.  And solo guitar or fiddle, usually doesn't allow you to play bass, harmony and lead with only just one musician.

I have been playing accordion since I was in 10 years old, and now I am 40+ years old. I have been playing Christmas songs for 30+ years.  Sometimes people groan when an accordion comes out.  More more often people smiles light up their faces, when they get a chance to singalong to familiar tunes. 

As a child, I played in an accordion band that our teacher organized.  At Christmas time, we would go out and play at senior's homes.  We would play mostly classical music, some popular songs, plus Christmas songs.

One Christmas Day in the mid-1990's, I was seen on local television when was playing Christmas songs on Granville Mall, outside the Vogue Theatre, where our Church group was giving out sandwiches and clothes to local residents.

Here are some youtube Christmas songs on accordion:

02:31 –
Dec 25, 2006 –

1 year ago –

02:23 –
Nov 11, 2008 –

1 month ago –

03:45 –
Dec 9, 2008 –

10 days ago –

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