Jordan Parente is the NDP candidate for Vancouver False Creek

Jordan Parente is young energetic and an activist

I met Jordan Parente at a constituency fundraiser on Wednesday.  Although he has only officially been a candidate for two weeks, he is surrounded by lots of good community organizers, and has been active on issues for the past while.

2009_May 113

Margaret Birrell is a longtime community organizer whom I first met in 1991, when she was executive director of the BC Coalition of People with Disabilities.  Under Margaret's guidance, I worked for Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Yukon, and we led a provincial election campaign on disabilities issues.  With Jordan under Margaret's wing, he will soon be flying strongly.

2009_May 111

Jordan's family supporters showed up with support signs!

2009_May 112

Jordan receives a cheque from Paul Faoro, president of CUPE 15.  Jordan works for City of Vancouver, and Paul describes him as being a hard worker and busy with the young workers movement.

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