Dalai Lama in Calgary: meets my cousin Johnee Wong Smedley

Dalai Lama in Calgary: meets great-great grandson of Rev. Chan Yu Tan m

My cousin's son Johnee Wong Smedley lives in Calgary.  He has studied martial arts and Asian philosophy, as ways to connect with his Asian heritage.  We reconnected this summer at my grandmother's 99th birthday.  Johnnee was last in Vancouver in 2000 when we held a Rev. Chan family reunion.  Today he met the Dalai Lama.

Here is a story from my cousin Johnee Wong Smedley in Calgary:

Today is a milestone for me in my life as of late; I volunteered on my
day off to work a special event. I just signed up for the extra hours
and was in for a great surprise! I mean something I was not ever

Here is the heart of the day.

His Holiness
the Dalai Lama is the wisest of the wise; his heart is so pure I had
tears in my eyes. When he spoke his compassion was with out words. He
is humble and sincere. I cried when he gave me some advice.

simply said, “No matter how hard ife becomes or how dark you may feel
always remember two things. Love unconditionally yourself and all of
humanity. The second is to breathe. Breathe love into yourself when you
breathe in; when you breathe out breathe out love unto the world.”

put his warm, strong, yet gentle hands onto my heart and said, “YES,
Just like that.” He smiled again a big smile and said “Thank you for
being here with me today.” I replied, “Your Holiness it is my deepest
honor to serve you.” and thanked him for his wisdom and heart felt

He hugged me then went on stage to greet his audience,
his speech and his words to me made me weep. At lunch he said “You have
great love in your heart, the world needs more men with such love to
give.” I bowed deeply and said “I serve humanity.”

Other then
those personal moments with him the remainder of the day was small talk
of events through out the day with his advisors, RCMP officers, K-9
handlers, security officers, audio/video production staff, and event

The experience was so deep and powerful for me, not a single word can describe my day with his Holiness.

is moments like these that make you take a long hard look within and
see who and what you truly are. Honestly, I have not liked myself in a
very long time. My life fell to pieces, I could not accept where my
life ended up in the last year. I’ve been unhappy and dissatisfied and
became extremely bitter to myself and to those I have loved and cared

After today, I can now look upon myself with hope and
inspiration. It is amazing how the words of one man can have such a
significant impact on me on every level. I wish love upon the world and
will try my best to be the inspiration he shared with me today. I
commit myself to loving everyone with respect and dignity. Finally I
can be at peace with myself.

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  1. Anonymous

    Todd, Thank you for asking to post this on your blog. May it inspire others to grow beyond their own self defeating limitations.


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