Swine Flew – not just a paper trick.

SWINE FLEW….. When Pigs Have Wings!

Swine Flew by Joseph Wu Origami

Origami Master Joseph Wu also has a sense of humor to accompany his nimble fingers and creative mind.

A few years ago he created a design called “When Pigs Have Wings” which I first saw at the Pacific Origami Conference at the Hotel Vancouver in November 2007

Did you know that Joseph Wu created the origami for the Stolichnaya vodka print ads? + many more!

Wu's latest work is in Canadian Business magazine:


Coffee Break Origami - Canadian Business magazine by Joseph Wu Origami.

Joseph Wu says: “I've been doing origami for Canadian Business magazine's “Coffee Break” page.
This is the first one featuring Chinese money eating US money.” (October 12, 2009)

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