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Toasts, Roasts, Music & Dance
been an incredible 50 years with many highlights from a Terry Fox Run
in Beijing to a photo exhibit in Scotland and many things in between
(cancer survival, Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinners, TV documentaries and
dragon boat festivals). Please come share stories and friendship with
music, food and drink.

Admission by Donation for Historic Kogawa House Society
By Invitation Only – Private Event

Friday May 14, 7-10:30 pm
PAL Theatre – Performing Arts Lodge
300-581 Cardero Street @ Hastings
8th Floor Theatre, lobby and rooftop garden
Admission by Donation

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lieu of gifts – donations accepted for Historic Joy Kogawa House
Society. We saved Obasan author, Joy Kogawa’s childhood home from
demolition in 2005 & 2006. In 2007, we received the City of
Vancouver Heritage Award of Honour, and saw our dreams become reality
with a writer-in-residence program in 2009. Now we need to restore the
house and continue to build the writing programs.) Tax receipts
available – call The Land Conservancy of BC, Tamsin Baker (604)
733-2313 or bring your cheque to THE PARTY!
Donations will be split 50/50 between writing programs and restorations – unless specified otherwise.

Look for the Scotia Bank sign on Cardero St.
and the PAL awning on the west side of the street.
very distinctive.
Volunteers will be in the lobby to show you to the 8th floor.
if not – a sign should print my cell phone #, and we will send somebody down to greet you.

I am hosting so will provide beer & wine and non-alcoholic drinks + appies.
is a challenge to my bank account – but I would like to be able to give
you all a drink! contributions are accepted – if we run out, we will
have to send people on a store run. (any scotch should be brown bagged)

parking is metered… Cheapest parking lot is East side of Cardero,
near the Bayshore $6 per evening or at corner of Georgia and Cardero
beside White Spot. $12 in the actual PAL building which is used by the
Bayhore Hotel.

MUSIC and Performances
Everything is a surprise… I don't even know what's happening.
there will be a list, if you would like to perform, recite a poem, or
make a toast / roast. We will try to keep things moving, and will HOOK
people if they go too long, mumble and say inappropriate things.
Children are expected to be present, and we expect all performers to be
outstanding community role models.

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