My family elder is turning 100 years old

My family elder was born in 1910, in Victoria BC.  

They have lived through two world wars, and seen China change from an imperial dynasty, to a republic, to a communist state.

They have witnessed the Chinese Head Tax era, and the 1923 Chinese Exclusion Act. They welcomed 3 brothers home who served in WW2, after they were first denied the chance to fight for the country they were born in because they were Chinese.

They were granted the right to finally vote at 37 years old, when the Chinese Exclusion Act was finally appealed in 1947 and franchise was granted to Canadians of Chinese ancestry – because up until then, they had been considered a “resident alien.” 

They have watched the grand-children become a Miss Canada 2nd runner-up, a TV news reporter, a Calgary city councilor, and a recipient of the BC Community Achievement Award.

They have appeared in an NFB documentary, a CBC television performance special, and CBC TV documentary about their grandfather and family descendant history.

In 2007, they received an ex-gratia payment for Chinese Head Tax settlement, because their deceased husband had paid the head tax, prior to 1923.

We must honour our family elders, who sacrificed and overcame so much.

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