Last Spike goes missing – then is found in PM Stephen Harper's Office

2010_Aug13 075 by Toddish McWong

Here is Todd Wong with the famous picture of the LAST SPIKE 

  1. Opinion: Loss of ceremonial spike
    infuriates relatives of Chinese

    4 Nov
    2010 But Lee, architect of Ties That Bind: Building
    the CPR, Building a Place in When Donald Smith drove the last
    at Craigellachie,…/story.html?…

  2. The search for an historic spike
    comes to a happy end – The Globe

    Nov 2010 ceremony to mark the driving of the last spike
    at Craigellachie, B.C., on Nov. The spike eventually came
    into the possession of historian Pierre Berton, and we got
    the doorstop,” said railway historian Brad Lee, Mr.
    Lee says he checked the room in 2008, but couldn't find the spike.…spike…/article1788218/

2010_Aug13 103 by Toddish McWong

2010_Aug13 101 by Toddish McWong

Re: The search for an historic spike comes to a happy end
   ADRIAN MORROW, Novenmer 6, 2010

2010_Aug13 078Todd Wong in Craigellachie

Dear Editor.

Thank you
and and Adrian Hume for this report. This storied spike
was given by
the late writer, historian and broadoadcast personality
Pierre Berton
in to the Chinese Canadian National Council to assist
its decades
long Chinese head tax and exclusion redress efforts.

The gift
help launched the “Last Spike” campaign that called for an
just and honourable redress. Such a redress would become
the symbolic
 last spike and real closure to a legislated oppressive
(1885-1947) for the Chinese in Canada.

The spike came into my
possession early 2004 and used to organise
the redress movement in
Vancouver. It was returned back east by
Burnaby resident Gim Wong
during his heroic 2005 cross-Canada
motorcycle Ride for Redress. Mr.
Wong, a WWII air force veteran and
then 82-years old, undertook the
ride to call attention to the long
struggle for redress.

in the possession of the CCNC, the “Last Spike” became a symbol
our community's resolve and contribution to nation building. It was
off” at many redress events across the country prior to the
government's unilaterally imposed redress settlement in 2006.

Mr. Berton could be having a chuckle now. According to
anecdotal remarks I've heard, it's possible that he picked it up
Craigellachie B. C., the site of the completion of Canada's
railway. Indeed, when the spike's authenticity was
questioned by an
expert who presumably knew about such things, I
jokingly responded,
“Who are you going to believe – Pierre Berton or
your lying eyes?”

the spike was missing and subsequent location is auspicious and
instructive. The photo ops and vote pandering by the Harper
on an incomplete redress is nearly completed. An inclusive
just and
honourable redress is not.

Yours sincerely,
Sid Chow Tan
Inverness Street
Vancouver, BC  V5V 4W5

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