My kilted Swedish-Canadian Glogg Christmas Eve

Kilts, glogg and Swedish Christmas Eve.

2010_December24 043
Jay, Todd, Angela,
Trish and Allan – bedecked in kilts!

There are many many cultures in
Canada, and they all celebrate Christmas or Winter solstice in many ways
  This year was my first sharing Swedish traditions… even if we mixed it up with Scottish kilts and music.

2010_December24 041
Even the Christmas tree was decorated with Swedish flags!

Scandinavian Gløgg

Glögg is the term for mulled wine in the Nordic countries (sometimes misspelled as glog or glug);
(in Swedish and Icelandic: Glögg, Norwegian and Danish: Gløgg, Estonian and Finnish: Glögi).  Glögg recipes vary widely; variations with white wine or sweet wines
such as Madeira, or spirits such as brandy are also popular.

2010_December24 022
Here is the preparation glogg – or mulled wine.  There is a ritualistic setting on fire!

2010_December24 017

Check out this video! 
I was the appointed lighter of the flame!   What an honour!!!
Next time, we will be creating an “Address to the Glogg!”
The McDonald Swedish Christmas
Eve Tradition.
Create a mulled
wine with fruits and spices and

2010_December24 040
The wonderful buffet of food.  So much to choose from!

2010_December24 036

In this
Lax (smoked sockeye salmon), Pressgurka
(sweet-sour cucumbers)
, Mini-smoked
, Jansson's
, Pate, Sausage, Skinka
, Rouladen (pickle wrapped in beef slice), Swedish
, Gravlax (salted and brined spring salmon)

2010_December24 050

Clan McMordie: Allan on bagpipes, Janet with vocals, Trish on accoustic guitar and vocals.

2010_December24 049

Nick on bodrahn (irish hand drum) and Todd with accordion

2010_December24 052
Erin on tin whistle, Jay on double bass – when not on fiddle, guitar or vocals

2010_December24 045
And there was even a surprise visit from

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