Kilts Night Tonight for Cinco de Mayo

Kilts Night Tonight for Cinco de Mayo

Did you know that the head
chef at Doolin's Irish Pub is Mexican?

Good social event for
members of the Gung Haggis dragon boat team.  Learn to sing along to
Canadiana and Maritime songs + Scottish and Irish traditional tunes +
dance to celticized folk & rock tunes.

FREE PINT OF GUINNESS BEERif you wear a kilt.
1st thursday of each month

I have a few extra kilts for people to wear… 
so email to reserve – or first come, first choose!

Canucks game start is 5:30 PST today –
so it might be
over just in time for the Halfax Wharf Rats
to take over the
stage at 9pm.

I'll be there for 8:00pm to watch the 3rd

Cheers, Todd

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