Gung Haggis dragon boat team is awarded special Community Spirit Award at Lotus Sports Club Regatta


Gung Haggis dragon boat team posing for the photographer, who had jumped on a Chase boat, and had to shoot with a telephoto lens.

Fun but W-E-T Saturday at the races…

and the rain stopped…
and the SUN did come out…
– but so did the hail – after the races – while waiting for the award ceremonies.

Award for Gung Haggis Fat Choy team came early at 11:00am
during special opening ceremonies with Burnaby City Councilor Paul McDonell – who presented a special award
from Lotus Sports Club
– The Community Spirit Award

for contributions by Gung Haggis team over the years to bring community
spirit to the Lotus races… and help fundraise for the Bill Alley
Memorial scholarship fund.

Unfortunately, a boat turned over in the Silver Final, and paddlers ended up in Barnet Inlet, and needed to be rescued.

Bill Alley Mem DB . (52)

Special thanks to ex-paddlers and friends who came to paddle with us – as we were short paddlers.

1st race – we started strong – (with a guest drummer) – but our rate was high, and we fell into 4th of 4 teams.
2nd Race
– Good start – we stayed close to the leader, and came 2nd  – (we moved Tzhe to drummer)
Final – (B Division equivalent)  Good start – with 8 borrowed paddlers
and drummer from Lotus Junior, Ft. Langley, + Abreast in a Boat teams –
but some minor timing problems, and we came 4th – but not far behind.
Mixed Adult B – Better race – good start –


Gung Haggis team paddles out to the Mixed Adult B race…. with guest paddlers and guest drummer.

in all – a good day…  The French paddlers on our team enjoyed
themselves, and were glad they came.  Team mates got to know each other
better.  And 7 of our rookie paddlers
 are now baptized into dragon boat races!  Woo-hoo!

Aidan and Eric have now done more races than practices!

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