Chung Collection archives has a picture of my grandmother

My grandmother mentioned that there was a picture of her and her family in the Chung Collection, listed under Yip Sang family.

Children” are part of the 14 children that belonged to Kate &
Ernest Lee.  Kate was the eldest daughter of Rev. Chan Yu Tan.
the children were born in Canada.  My grandmother was born in Victoria
in 1910 – this July, she will celebrate her 102nd birthday.

back row:  (baby Ella?), Arthur, Howard, Mabel, Gordon, Esther, Helen, Henry

front row: Edith, Beatrice, Daniel and Ruth

Younger children not in picture or identified Leonard and Doug

Presently still surviving are:
Mabel, Ester, Helen, Edith, Ruth, Leonard and Doug

Helen Lee was a featured interview in the
CBC Documentary “Generations: The Chan Legacy
Mable Lee was a
featured interview in the NFB film “Tribe of One” – a movie about
Arthur's daughter Rhonda Larrabee, Chief of Qayqayt First Nations
Daniel Lee, has been featured in many films about Chinese Canadian veterans.
Edith and her husband's farm outside of Toronto was sold to become a parking lot for Wonderland Amusement Park
Gordon's son Gary, was also a featured interview in “Generations: The Chan Legacy
Daniel, and Leonard all served during WW2 for Canada.  Daniel was a
founder of Pacific Unit 280 veterans and received many veteran service
awards and medals. Here is a good story of his contributions.

You can browse the Chung Collection digital archives here:

Also Check out the Chung Collection blog:
they referenced my blog as having  “written some nice personal reminiscences and a round up of news articles here.”

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