Jessica Fichot plays French accordion chansons extraordinaire!

Hanging with the cute accordion girl!  Todd Wong, Jessica Fichot, Meesha the bass player, Accordion Noir radio host Bruce Triggs, clarinetist/tenor saxophonist Rob.

Jessica Fichot is a accordionist born in the USA of French and Chinese ancestry, who was raised in Paris where she developed her love of the French chanson music style.  It’s always great to meet another accordionists, and Jessica’s music is particularly interesting.  Both myself and Bruce Triggs (co-host of Accordion Noir radio show on Co-op) did not want to miss this show!

I also invited some of my musician friends from the Black Bear Rebels Ceilidh group. Even bagpipers Allan and Trish McMordie really enjoyed the concert.


Jessica’s band includes Antoine on a gypsy guitar, Nanaimo bassist Meesha, and Robbie Marshall on sax and clarinet.  It was a great combo playing a mix of gypsy French chanson, with 2 songs in Spanish latin american style, 2 songs in Chinese, plus one song in Russian!

Robby Marshall was amazing on saxophone and clarinet – he complimented Jessica’s singing so well, and he also played Jessica’s toy piano for one song.  After the concert, we went out for dinner with the band.  I made reservations at Wild Rice and had a nice variety of dishes, which Jessica really enjoyed!

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