Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team races their first race of the season

June 3rd Dragon Zone Regatta @ Creekside Community Centre.

Back row: Sabina, Anne D., Karl, Pedro, Marc, Gerard, Pierce, Christian, Todd.  Front row: Anne C., Jenny, Suzanne, Steven, Keng, Debbie, Deb, Gio, Caroline, Xavier, Walter.
Great day of paddling for the team! We raced with 18 paddlers and focused on the development for our 5 rookie paddlers. We can see our potential as a team, as we addressed technique and rate issues… And… we had lots of fun! That is success! Congratulations to our team members.


Our first race was in a BuK boat with a time of 3:01.870

This is a video of our 2nd race.  We came 3:01.430 in a Gemini boat.
Marc smiles, while waiting for our 3rd race.  We came 3rd in a Gemini boat with a time of 2:59.800.  Hurrah, we broke 3 minutes!

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