Gung Haggis dragon boat team wins the Rec D consolation final by almost 4 seconds

Leaving the dock for our 1st race on Sunday – the Rec D/E semi-final.  It was our 3rd race of the June 16/17 Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival weekend.

GREAT day of Dragon boat racing with the Gung HAGGIS dragon boat team – so proud of our team leaders and new rookie paddlers… They worked hard… corrected mistakes… met challenges… tested my patience… made new friends… and won their final race… and are really bonding and supporting each other as human beings – It makes it all worthwhile 🙂

  • Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival HEAT 83 RESULTS
    1st – L1/2:23.840/ GUNG HAGGIS FAT CHOY
    2nd – L /2:27.030/O2P
    3rd – L8/2:27.240/Dragon with Hatch Tattoo
    4th – L5/2:28.240/Dragon Hearts Go-ju Go
    5th – L2/2:28.800/Team Coke
    6th – L3/2:29.030/False Creek Grandragons Too
    7th – L6/2:31.190/Vintage SAKE
    8th – L7/2:32.470/Dragon Zone Strokes of LuckWe came first by 4 seconds! in our final race!
    Team morale is good
    We had fun
    other paddlers want to join our team
    Our paddlers are looking forward to Wednesday practice

More stories and links to pictures later today…..


“Let it ride!” The team has just crossed the finish line in the Rec D/E semi-final.  We came 3rd at 2:39.240, missing second place by 4.790  seconds.  Only 1st place and the three fastest 2nd place times would make it into the Rec D medal final.  While we finished in the top three of our race, it was a very messy performance.  The rate was high, the timing was all over the place in the middle of the race…  But we were still strong compared to the other boats in our field.  We knew we were headed into the Rec D consolation race and had lots of room for improvement.
We improved our race time from Rec D 2:39.240 Semi-final to Rec D 2:23.840 Final by about 16 seconds. It was the best improvement of every other team in the Rec D finals and consolation finals. Most teams improved by about 10 seconds, some only by 6 or 7 seconds. The next best improver by 14 seconds was Brittania CC Have a Nice Day which won the Rec D silver medal. The Rec D gold medal winner was Splash Test Dragons who improved by 2:19.130. All race times have variables of tides and wind, as well as heat times… but a 16 second improvement is significant!!! Well done Gung Haggis team!!!

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