Steveston Dragon Boat Festival report:

Great racing on Saturday Aug 25

Congratulations on winning the C Consolation Final.


Deb Martin steers the boat back to the dock following a thrilling 1st place victory in the C Consolation  Final. Anne and Karl are lead strokes with drummer Debbie Poon.-  photo by Caroline Ng

The most decisive 1st place finish in our season this year… and in a final too!

Good fun times, and great people on the team. Everybody pitched in and also brought friends to cheer us on!


First Race: 1:03.00 (1st)
Second Race: 1:04.59 (5th)
Third Race: 2:21.00 (3rd)
Fourth Race: 2.35.00 (1st, 15 secs over O2P)

Thanks to O2P for saving a spot next to them – we loaned paddlers out to them for each of their races… Gio and Sybil…

Tides and currents were a factor on the race course. Special thanks to steersperson Deb for keeping us safe – and reduced further harm (when the currents pushed us towards the pilings – which happened to have a piece of wood that knocked Jenny and me down in the boat. But I smashed it with my paddle!)

1st race was a surprise 1st place… and a great way to start the day…

2nd race – we were more critical of ourselves, as we knew we could do better, even though not much difference in race time from #1

Karl reported that our 3rd race was the fastest race time of the season! Congratulations – we kept it controlled and steady.

4th race – no debriefing – we won by a boat length – end of story and a fabulous day of racing….


But wait…. we won a little Chinese drum for 1st place in Consolation C. Several of us had stayed for the medal ceremonies: Deb, Todd, Anne-Cecile, Anne D, Robyn, Diana and Nicolas all stood on the ceremonies stage with our drum !!!

next races:

soon – canoe paddle on Burnaby Lake for beaver spotting!!!

Sept 22 – Paddle North Shore (new race)
Oct 6 – Ft. Langley Cranberry Festival Canoe Regatta

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