Menu for 2013 Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinner

Here are photos from last night’s taste-test and rehearsal dinner at Floata Chinese Restaurant.

Half the dishes are vegetarian including: turnip cake appetizer, winter melon soup, lettuce wrap, buddha’s feast + efu long life noodles.  Meat dishes are steamed salmon, szechwan chicken, bbq pork, + traditional haggis.  Our specialty appetizer items are deep-fried haggis & shrimp won ton, and haggis & pork su-mei dumplings.

This is the appetizer platter: Spicy jellyfish (center), BBQ pork (front), Lo-Bak-Goh turnip cake (left), and haggis & pork shu-mei dumplings.  Delicious!

Our famous Haggis & shrimp Wonton dumplings – Shanghai style!  Utterly tasty…. It is one of our mentor Jim Wong-Chu’s favorite items on the menu that he looks forward to tasting each year.  But this year, we had a neophyte from Scotland – Lewis Kane.  We asked Lewis to try one… to see if a real Scottish person would eat it.  And… he liked it…. he said it was real good… and that they should do this in Scotland.

Winter Melon soup… would be a staple if winter melons grew in Scotland.  Sublime in flavour, delicately balanced with mushrooms, cucumbers, carrots and lots of other good things.

Here is the trusty haggis… expertly sliced open with a St. Andrew’s cross… spoonfuls of haggis were added to the Chinese vegetarian lettuce wrap.  Very tasty – just like a hamburger without the bun.  Remember to put lots of Chinese Hoi-sin bbq sauce inside.

Steamed salmon – flavoured with hot oil and ginger, and topped with chives and cilantro.  This was one of the original dishes that I had personally prepared at the original Gung Haggis Fat Choy Dinner backin 1998.  So mouth-watering good… it melts in your mouth.
The other dishes were so tasty – we ate them up before we could take a picture.  This included the Szechwan Chicken… the Buddhist’s feast… the e-fu long life noodles, and the mango pudding.

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