Review: Ride the Cyclone

Ride the Cyclone

At the Arts Club Theatre Granville Island Stage

Until February 16, 2012

Special Review from Deb Martin & Emilie Quevillon

The musical “Ride the Cyclone” is bizarre and quirky, but also a
fantastic show. Six graduating teenagers from a small town Catholic
High School are killed when the carnival ride “Cyclone” derails. They
have to decide, by unanimous vote, which one of them gets to return to
finish their life. What follows is a song and dance number for each of
them describing their accomplishments, history, or desires for the
future. Who is most worthy? Who deserves a second chance?

This fantastically talented cast and band takes us through a range of
emotions and surprises with a tight, well-honed script and great
direction. The singing is very strong, the only flaw is a few balance
issues where the band overpowers the vocals so the story gets a bit
lost.  The action is fast, no pauses or intermission for the audience
to ponder on who will survive. The Amazing Karnack, a fortune telling
puppet in a machine, narrates the story. This add yet another
dimension of quirkiness to the play.

The Arts Club Company can always be counted on for quality shows. The
choices of the PUSH Festival adds the unique flavour to the
co-production. It’s a great combination. I will look forward to more
shows from the Victoria based Atomic Vaudeville company.

“Des les premieres phrases du Musical Ride Of the Cyclone, le spectateur est aussitot accroche et embarque dans une dans un brillant univers d absurdite et de magie. Les surprises s’enchainent et s’averent etre un tour de force de la part des directeurs et du scenariste.  Leur creativite n est rien de moins qu’admirable. Le casting, varie et efficace, nous surprend sans cesse avec des morceaux fascinants ou inatendus. Vous voulez rire ou tout simplement passer un bon moment?  Ce petit bijou theatral vous comblera: assure!”

“As soon as the light turns down and we hear the first voice from the Musical Ride of the cyclone, our attention is already in this absurd and magical universe. All the following numbers are fascinating, surprising, and and always with a touch of humor. Or a lot! The brilliants directors and the writer possess an admirable creativity, supported by a various and efficient cast. If you want to laugh or just having a good time, this could be a sweet treat for sure!”

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