Apologies from Toddish McWong for being MIA

Hello to all,

Sorry I have been absent from my blog – for most of the past few years.
From 2012 to 2015 I was busy with Eldercare for both parents, and my father passed away in November 2015. A year later on Christmas Night, I went to Lions Gate Hospital Emergency, then was whisked away by ambulance, to Vancouver General Hospital Heart Trauma Unit – for emergency surgery for Aortic Dissection.

I just had my 3 year check up with my cardiologist – and things are going well. It has been a slower than expected recovery over the past 3 years. But I am now back to work full-time. I am playing music on accordion with my friends of the Black Bear Rebels Ceilidh Ensemble 2X month or more. The Asian Canadian Writers Workshop and Historic Joy Kogawa House Society, keep me on their board of directors.

I thank the many friends and family for helping me and my parents during these past few years. I especially thank my girlfriend Deb Martin, my cousin Gail Young, and special thanks to my ACWW partner Allan Cho & ACWW for keeping our ACWW and Gung Haggis Fat Choy events going, and to the Black Bear Rebels Ceilidh Music Ensemble for all that we do!

I am especially looking forward to this year’s 2020 Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinner, when Chinese New Year’s Eve collides with Robbie Burns Day Eve – for the first time in my lifetime, since participating in the SFU Robbie Burns Day celebrations in 1993, and hosting a Robbie Burns Chinese New Year Dinner in 1998!

Cheers, Todd

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