Opening Night of CHINATOWN September 13, 2022 at the Vancouver Playhouse

Allan Cho, Executive Director of the Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop (ACWW), author Paul Yee, and Todd (me)

13 – 17 September 2022. Vancouver Playhouse

CITY OPERA announces the cast, directors, designers, dates, and tickets for the world premiere opera

Librettist: Madeleine Thien
Composer: Alice Ping Yee Ho
Hoisan translator: Paul Yee

The cast of CHINATOWN is Spencer Britten, Saihin • Vania Chan, Wen-li • Erica Iris Huang, Hoisan Singer

Derek Kwan Eugene • Matthew Li, Xon Pon, Emma Parkinson, Anna

artistic and design team for CHINATOWN is:

Mary Chun, Music Director, and Conductor
Debi Wong, Stage Director

Trudy Chalmers, Producer
David Kerr, Production Manager
Camellia Koo, Set Design
John Webber, Lighting Design
Charlotte Chang, Costume Design
James Nesbitt, Projection Design
Alessandro Juliani, Sound Design
Estella Lum, Graphic Design
Roger Parton, Music Editor, Principal Coach and Pianist
Susan Ma, Community Engagement Coordinator
Victoria Wilcott, General Manager

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