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Scotland the World Over – take your picture of the Saltire and be part of a film

can be part of a film about the Scottish flag

– to be unveiled on
January 25th, 2012, Burns Night.

all you have to do is take pictures
with the Scottish Saltire flag in the middle of the picture….

Every now and then, I get emails or invitations for Scotland… check this out!

Firstly let me introduce myself. I am Graham Maclachlan, the Head of
Community and Content  at I'm writing to let you know of a
project we are doing in partnership with the Scottish Government which I
hope you'll be able to support.

Basically,we're making an
animated film based on images of the Scottish flag gathered from around
the world. We launched Wednesday, St Andrews Day, and already have
submission from all around the world, including, Iraq, Scandinavia,
Japan, China and of course Canada.

I've enclosed a copy of the Press Release which I hope you'll find time to read and a link to the micro site
It would be great fun to get you and you fellow Burn's devotees to participate in this exciting project.
Please don't hesitate to drop me a line if you want anymore information or help
Best regards Graham

Hello Graham

actually have a real Scottish flag, that I attach to a hockey stick and
prop up at the back of a canoe…  when we proclaimed Tartan Day in
Vancouver a few years ago….

Excellent I hope you join the fun  – you can put up as many daily  shots
as you wish between now and Burns night. It would be great to see the
Dragon in the film. As long as the flag fits in the the loader template
it should be fine.

Excellent Todd and thank for pass it over to Simon Fraser, it looks like
their going to participate too.  Everyone here is looking forward to
seeing Mr Toddish McWong and his chums flying the saltire once again.

The images can't be from an archive-they have to be new images, one a day and posted through the uploader.

Take a picture like this with the Saltire in the middle of the picture!

But while this picture was taken on St. Andrew's Day Eve for Homecoming Year Scotland in 2009.  You can't use archival pictures.

the saltire small and leave enough space either side for at least two
more of the same size. If you're in any doubt, take a step back and leave
more room!

People around the world will collaborate this winter to produce a social media movie and celebrate Scotland's global community/ spirit/ reach/ influence.

'Scotland the World Over' invites everyone to take part and photograph a Saltire wherever they may be and upload the image to .

Scots and Scots at heart will build a film, one frame at a time, by simply uploading pictures with a Saltire centred in the frame. What surrounds the Saltire in the rest of the image is entirely up to the participant. The finished film will then be premiered worldwide on Burns Night 2012 (January 25).
The initiative is hosted by BAFTA Award-winning life sharing social networking site – which shares over 1.5 million images from over 170 countries, each representing a single day in someone's life – in partnership with the Scottish Government.

‘Scotland the World Over’ was launched on Tuesday 29th November by Cabinet Secretary for Education Michael Russell.
Michael Russell Comments, “Scotland the World Over” is a great idea and will provide a fantastic showcase to celebrate Scotland both home and abroad. As a nation, we've always enjoyed a strong International profile and this wonderfully exciting project can only build on that.”
“I'd encourage as many people as possible to get involved, whether they're here at home or abroad. We welcome anyone across the world with an interest in Scotland to take part. I'm now looking forward to Burns Night with even more excitement and to seeing the wide variety of iconic images we're no doubt set to capture''.

Joe Tree, founder and CEO of Blipfoto, said: “Blipfoto is a truly global community, but we're very proud of our Scottish roots. There's an obvious parallel between the way Blipfoto reaches out and touches people's lives around the world and the positive global influence Scotland has long enjoyed”.

“We share a real outward-looking spirit, so we're delighted to launch such an exciting event and I'm really looking forward to the big reveal on Burns night next year”.

The name for Scotland The World Over was inspired but the final line of the Robert Burns poem A Man's a Man for A' That: “That Man to Man, the world o'er, Shall brothers be for a' that.

The initiative is not just for Scots or those living in Scotland. People from as many different countries and cultures are encouraged to have a go.