East Meets West and has too much fun: Rick Scott and Harry Wong at Vancouver Children's Festival

East meets West with respect, humour and groove!

Award-winning Canadian entertainer Rick Scott and
celebrated Hong Kong magician/musician Harry Wong team up for a lively
concert filled withmusic,. magic and merriment.

Harry Goh Goh and his unlikely Guardian Angel
(Rick)learn to juggle life’s 5 essential elements (earth, metal, water,
wood and fire)in English and Cantonese.

Jester meets trickster in this magical musical that
promotes harmony and understanding between cultures through songs,
humour and visual illusions.

Learning about the 5 Elements has never been so much fun!


Rick Scott and Harry Wong‘THE 5 ELEMENTS’

  • East meets West with respect, humour and groove
    • An
      international collaboration between two acclaimed family entertainers
      from Canada and Hong Kong that promotes understandingand harmony
      between races and cultures
    • Premiered
      to 5000 people at Hong Kong’s international Arts Carnival in July 2003
      and will tour Canadian children’s festivals in May/June 2004, with 35
      shows in Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, Calgary, St. Albert & London
    • Harry Wong is seen each week on Sunday on Fairchild TV on the show BEANSLAND (in the M.I. Kids time slot)
    • THE
      5 ELEMENTS CD, nominated for a Canadian Independent Music Award
      (Favourite Children’s Artist), features 13 songs with a lively blend of
      English and Cantonese lyrics
    • Each song represents one of the 5 essential elements of life—

earth, metal, water, wood and fire

    • Music
      ranges from classical to folk and R&B, including a Bach partita and
      a traditional Chinese folk melody with cheeky English lyrics performed
      in the style of Gilbert and Sullivan
    • The CD features Vancouver’s foremost musicians as well as celebrated Japanese violinist Ayako Ichimaru
    • Supported by the Canada Council For The Arts and the Government of Canada – FACTOR.

For further information contact Valley Hennell

250-740-0047 vhennell@island.net

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Rick Scott and Harry Wong – ‘THE 5 ELEMENTS’


May 12-15     NANAIMO, BC 3 shows +

Van Island Intl Children’s Festival workshops

School show tix: 250-754-3378

Weekend tickets: 250-754-8550


May 16         VICTORIA, BC

McPherson Playhouse 1 show

Kaleidoscope Theatre presents

Tickets 250-386-6121


May 17-24 VANCOUVER. BC 6 shows +

Vancouver Intl Children’s Festival workshops

School tickets: 604-684-6008

Public tickets on sale March 27

Ticketmaster 604-280-4444


May 27-29 CALGARY, ALBERTA 3 shows

Calgary Intl Children’s Festival

Tickets: 403-299-8888



June 1-5        ST ALBERT, ALBERTA 8 shows +

Northern Alta Children’s Festival workshops

Festival Box Office 780-459-1542

Ticketmaster 780-451-8000


June 9-13    LONDON, ONTARIO 9 shows

London Children's Festival plus show

Tickets 519-645-6739 w/Harmonyinfo@londonchildfest.com Choir



Rick Scott and Harry Wong





The new CD is a great tool to help children begin to think about other
cultures…. a way to help children bridge differences in culture and
connect through the language of the heart.

Wong and Scott sing about differences and similarities in their ideas about schools, food, family and friends.

zany, thought-provoking and hummably tuneful, these songs illustrate
the affectionate and complementary spirit that is the foundation of
Scott and Wong's relationship.

If globalization can be about this kind of collaboration, communication, mutual respect, creativity and fun, then we're all forit. “

Victoria Times Colonist


The 5 Elements is a one-of-a-kind recording. East meets West as Wong's
astounding recorder melodies enrich the Western vibe of Scott's

is difficult to put into words how deep and fanciful this CD is. But I
can say the interplay between the creative talents of Rick Scott and
Harry Wong is nothing less than magical. ”

Chicago Parent Magazine




is a veteran Canadian singer, songwriter and family entertainer. His
many kudos include a Juno nomination, a West Coast Music Award., a
Children’s Music Web Special Judges’ Award and two Parents' Choice
Awards. He is a master of the Appalachian dulcimer which he plays in
his own unique style. He has performed his humorous original music for
all ages solo in nine countries, including over 1000 schools in which
his songs are used to augment curriculum. He is a spokesperson for the
Down Syndrome Research Foundation and gives inspirational keynotes
around the world. When not performing for children, Rick tours with Joe
Mock and Shari Ulrich in BC’s legendary folk trio Pied Pumkin.


is a highly esteemed Hong Kong musician, magician and educator. Known
in Asia as “Harry Goh Goh” or “Big Brother Harry”, he is famous for
combining his unique style of magic and music in TV programs and
performances. He is author of the MUSIC TODAY textbook series and a
manual for teaching recorder which are used extensively in Asian
schools. Harry studied recorder at the Royal School of Music in England
and is fluently vernacular in English and Cantonese. He is artistic
director of The Hong Kong Children’s Art Academy and a member of many
international magicians’ associations. Harry’s weekly Hong Kong TV
series, BEANSLAND, is currently shown in Canada on Sundays on Fairchild

Rick Scott and Harry Wong


East meets West with respect, humour and groove! THE
5 ELEMENTS is a collaboration between acclaimed B.C. musician RICK
SCOTT and esteemed Hong Kong musician/magician HARRY WONG. It’s a CD
and stage production based on Cantonese interpretations of Rick’s award
winning songs, performed in English and Cantonese.

The CD is nominated for a 2004 Canadian Independent Music Award for Favourite Children’s Artist.

5 ELEMENTS stage show premiered for 5000 people in July 2003 at
Hong Kong’s prestigious International Arts Carnival. It will tour
Canadian children's festivals in May and June 2004. 

5 ELEMENTS crosses boundaries of culture, tradition and musical styles
in an unprecedented bi-lingual celebration. Jester meets trickster as
Rick and Harry combine their respective classical, folk and blues
influences with lively wit and irrepressible humour. Each song
represents one of Oriental philosophy’s 5 essential elements of
life–earth, metal, water, wood and fire.

interprets rather than translates Rick’s songs, providing heartwarming
glimpses into Oriental family life and culture. Together they explore
ways of communicating and understanding their differences. They
set English words to a traditional Chinese folk song, recreate a Bach
partita, and celebrate their lives, homelands and families. Lyrics are
in English and Cantonese; and the CD sometimes includes an English
translation of the Cantonese interpretation. 

5 ELEMENTS CD, produced by Valley Hennell and engineered by Allan
Rodger, features some of Vancouver’s foremost musicians: Doug Edwards
(bass and guitar), Qui Xia He (pipa), Tom Keenlyside (saxophone), Jim
McGillveray (percussion), Allan Rodger (bass and drums) and the late
great Robbie King on piano. Also featured is celebrated Japanese
violinist Ayako Ichimaru, international soloist and longtime
concertmaster of the Asian Youth Orchestra.  

Rick Scott and Harry Wong




“East meets West with respect, groove and humour.”

February 2003, master recorder player Harry Wong came to Canada to
study Appalachian dulcimer with Rick Scott. He had heard a cassette of
Rick’s children’s songs and wondered if they would translate into
Cantonese. The two musicians sat down to play together and something
magical happened. 

were inspired and intrigued by the blend of their very different styles
and approaches. Dulcimer and recorder proved tuneful companions,
enlivened by Harry’s vast assortment of Chinese woodwinds. Combining
their respective classical, folk and blues influences they discovered a
similar sense of not only music but humour.  

they cross boundaries of cultures, traditions and musical styles in an
unprecedented bi-lingual celebration. Harry interprets rather than
translates Rick’s songs, providing heart-warming glimpses into Oriental
family life. 

invited Rick to collaborate on a new show based on Cantonese
interpretations of his songs. They brainstormed with award winning
lyricist/producer Valley Hennell and within a week had mapped out THE 5

RICK SCOTT – Artist Statement – ‘THE 5 ELEMENTS’


I am the jester

the fool who loves to sing

and pluck the string.


Harry is the trickster

magical master of the simple reed

and amazing instruments of breath.



I believe we create

and communicate


very wonderful



that will demonstrate

and radiate




and possibility



two very different men




HARRRY WONG – Artist Statement – ‘THE 5 ELEMENTS’


For a very long time I had been searching

for the theme of my next show.

Just as I thought I was being too idealistic it came to me:

the eternal and ancient Chinese theory

of balance within the five elements.


Our ancestors have understood and applied this theory

to everyday life for many thousand of years.

Studying ways of balancing the 5 elements

opened new doors in my creative thinking

and in this show I share this experience

through music and magic.


The show was originally to be a musical performance

involving 5 musicians from around the world

until I met my angel, Rick Scott, in Vancouver.


Rick’s musical skill, dulcimer grooves, sense of humour

and innovative approach to songs for children

have had a strong influence on my work

since I first heard his ELECTRIC SNOWSHOE cassette

12 years ago.


For me, THE 5 ELEMENTS is a dream come true because

I am working with one of the best

children’s entertainers in the world!



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