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Gung Haggis Fat Choy — Sunday, January 28, 2024, 12.00pm

Join us for an afternoon of intercultural fusion at Gung Haggis 2024 with food, music, and poetry!

Food Menu:

  • A selection of dim sum
  • Including our deep-fried haggis wonton dumplings
  • Traditional Scottish-Cdn haggis served with traditional Chinese-Canadian lettuce wrap
  • Chinese chicken wings
  • Chow Mein/Long Life Noodles
  • Dessert

Tickets are available for individual purchase or a table of 8!

Gung Haggis Fat Choy 2021 – A Scottish-Chinese Tradition Returns! on February 21, 2021

A Special Gung Haggis Fat Choy Box Dinner for Two will be available for purchase at Floata Restaurant in Vancouver Chinatown. We wanted to make something special that you can eat at home, and that we can describe at our Livestream event!

It will contain almost all the food that we normally serve at a GHFC Banquet Dinner.

 Corn soup with “egg clouds”, spicy jelly fish, turnip cake appetizer, haggis dumpling appetizer, special lettuce wrap, slice of haggis, sauteed sole, Mongolian beef, Buddhist feast and long life e-fu noodles. Price is $$65. Please call Floata to pre-order by Saturday 1.00pm. Pick-up will be aprox 1.00-5.00pm on Sunday. Please call 604 602 0368 or email – ask for Brian.

Confirmed musicians:

Simon Kempston – Edinburgh Scotland
singer-songwriter in folk tradition and trained in classical guitar, I have hosted house concerts when he comes to Vancouver. We first met at the Railray Club in Vancouver when I was wearing a kilt.
Dr. Leith Davis Burnaby BC
English Professor and Director of Center of Scottish Studies at SFU – She writes and lectures about the global Burns diaspora, plays fiddle and piano. She created the SFU Burns poetry reading marathon event.
Paul Yee – Toronto ON
author/historian – writer of youth, adult & juvenile fiction, poetry and books about Chinatowns – I first met Paul when he chaired the 1986 Saltwater City exhibit about 100 years of Chinese history in Vancouver.
Ken McGoogan – Toronto ON
Author of 15 books about the Scottish & Celtic diaspora in Canada + Franklin’s journey in Northwest Passage. Introduced to me via email by CBC Radio’s Shelagh Rogers. I’ve promised Ken to visit the Actic someday soon.
Fiona Tinwei Lam – Vancouver BC
Born in Scotland – Poet and Creative writing teacher and author of three poetry books and a children’s book, editor/co-editor of three anthologies. Her poetry, fiction, and nonfiction have been published in over forty anthologies. Her sister Shona once paddled on our Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team.

** Sorry no special GHFC dinner orders will be taken on Sunday – but you could order from their regular Take-Out Menu. Or if you live farther away from Vancouver Chinatown — order from your Favourite Chinese Restaurant or Scottish Restaurant, or cook up your own special meal.    We had to make it a pre-order by Saturday 1.00pm – so that the restaurant can go shopping for enough fresh ingredients, have the chefs prepare on Sunday morning by noon-time so that people can pick up between 1.00-5.00pm, and take home to be in front of their computer or TV screens by 5.00pm.

LiterASIAN 2020 is Here! For Asian Heritage Month

Proud be part of LiterASIAN 2020

LiterASIAN Festival is the first of its kind within Canada, the purpose to promote and celebrate the works of Asian Canadian writers and artists through author readings, panel discussions, and workshop events.  We create important and unique networking opportunities between professional and emerging writers, students, and members of the broader public to learn and discuss topics of importance to Asian Canadian writing.

In 2013 . . . we featured C.X. Cheng, Terry Watada, Sarah Ling, Larry Grant, Ann Shin, Larry Wong, Janie Chang, Denise Chong, Laara Ong, David H.T. Wong, Julia Lin, Terry Woo, May Yan, Ann Marie Fleming.

In 2014 . . . we featured  invited Lily Chow, Edwin Lee, Amanda Wan, Souvankham Thammavongsa, Doretta Lau, Fred Wah, Tom Cho, Louise Bak, Elsie Sze, Raymond Nakamura, Corinna Chong, Kim Fu, Yasuko Thanh

In 2015 . . . we featured Derwin Mak, Tony Pi, Eric Choi, JF Garrard, Wesley Lowe, David Ng, Shirley Camia, Holman Wang, and Christina Park.

In 2016 . . . we featured Paul Yee, Denise Chong, SKY Lee, JJ Lee, Simon Choa Johnston, Jean Barman, C. Fong Hsiung, Edwin Lee, Larry Wong, Joy Kogawa, Judy Hanazawa, Larry Grant, Sarah Ling, Dan Seto, David Wong, Cheuk Kwan, Kwoi Gin, and Anna Wang Yuan 

In 2017 . . . we featured Jen Sookfong Lee, Julia Lin, Janie Chang, Terry Watada, Leslie Shimotakahara, Eleanor Guerrero-Campbell, Catherine Hernandez, Leanne Dunic

In 2018 . . . we featured Madeleine Thien, Kevin Chong, Evelyn Lau, Michael Kaan, Michelle Kim, Carrianne Leung, Vincent Ternida, Alice Poon, Cheuk Kwan, Katherine Luo

In 2019 . . . we featured Rita Wong, Fred Wah, Sally Ito, May Q. Wong, C.E. Gatchalian, Philip Huynh

In 2020 . . . we do it all again!