Todd Wong and dragon boats on “Thalassa” a French travelogue TV program that visited Vancouver in June

Thalassa is a travelogue program created by French Public Television, France 3.  In June 2004, they came to Vancouver to film 3 segments. I, Todd Wong, was featured in the segment about dragon boat racing, and how Vancouver bridges the cultures between its Chinese population and heritage with its white mainstream society.

Watch TV5 – in Canada
Friday 10 Dec 4:30pm PST, 19:30 EST 
Saturday 11 Dec 10:00am PST, 13:00 EST

Saturday 11 Dec 10:00pm PST or

Sunday 12 Dec 01:00 EST

Thalassa writes (with further translation from Todd):

“In Vancouver there are two juxtaposed cities.  Far from the skycrapers of the white city, The Chinese district asserts itself to the colours and the ideograms. The largest Asian community of Canada came east (across the Pacific) to settle. For hundreds of years, Vancouver has been the natural door of the American continent. A hundred years of immigration, of cheap hand labour, but also of  intolerance and of ethnic tensions.

“To reconcile the two communities of Vancouver, a festival was born in 1986. The races of dragon boats inspired of a Chinese tradition, as an honour to summer and the harvests. 90,000 witnesses. 178 professional teams, come from the whole world to help build bridges between cultures, the event lasts all the weekend. For the multiracial team of Todd Wong, the festival is an occasion to dialogue. For the False Cree Women's team of Vancouver, champions of the world, it's the competition which counts above all…”

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