Jan 1st Kilts Night at Doolin's

Kilts Night in Vancouver is the 1st Saturday of each month.

 Todd, Bear & Raphael celebrating Kilt's Night.

Kilts Night in Vancouver is the 1st Saturday of each month. 
Long held at the Atlantic Trap & Gill on Davie and Seymour Streets,
it came to a halt when we arrived on January 1st to find it
closed.  Bear arrived soon after my girlfriend Deb and I did, and
plans were quickly made to go to Doolin's.  We each made calls on
our cell phone and headed over.

Doolin's Irish Pub at Nelson and Granville St., rose out of the
ashes of Babalu's nightclub after a fire had gutted the top floors of
the Hotel.  The floorplan is essentially the same, but now less
open.  Ironically, Bear had recently been talking to the general
manager who was interested in hosting future Kilts Nights, and wanted
to add menu and drink specials and advertising.

Bear, Todd, Dallas our server & Raphael

We arrived to find that the waitresses were all wearing short plaid
skirts, a good sign for a Kilts Night.  We talked about Gung
Haggis Fat Choy, wearing kilts, the difference between Irish and Scotch
whiskey, dragon boat organizations, First Night Vancouver, and New
Year's Eve.  A good night for toasting the 2nd anniversary of Bear
Kilts, as well as marking two years since Bear wore pants.  The
man is dedicated to wearing kilts.  It certainly made it easier
for me to spot him on Granville St. in Marpole, the first time I met
him, as well as at Victory Square for Cenataph Celebrations on
Remembrance Day.

Raphael, Suzanna & Todd – pleats and all!

Doolin's was a good place to meet our friends and make new
friends.  My Dragon Boat buddy Bob Brinson came down to join us,
and hopefully his kilt will be ready for his January birthday.  We
plan to wear our kilts all summer long for Dragon Boat Races. 
Raphael and I met Suzanna – who was game enough to take a picture with
us, as we explained it was our Kilts Night.  She showed
us her black pleated skirt – and we knew she had the right
heart for future Kilts Nights.  We expect to see Suzanna back for
the 1st Saturday of next month. 

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