Gung Haggis Fat Choy CBC TV Special: featured performer George Sapounidis comes to Vancouver

George Sapounidis who appeared on the Gung Haggis Fat Choy CBC TV special last year,  will be in Vancouver Feb 4-5
to take part in a Chinese New Year performance at Michael J. Fox
Theatre in Burnaby.  George in Greek-Canadian, living in
Ottwa.  He sings in Mandarin, and is a popular singer in China.
Date: Feb 4, 2005
Time: 6:30pm
Address: Michael J. Fox Theatre
7373 MacPherson Avenue, Burnaby, BC

Ticket Price: $28, $18
Contact: Amy Jin (604) 880-1102 after 6PM

George wrote me to say “Congratulations – that was indeed a great show. Thanks for the opportunity. 
“I will be one of a number of
performers at a Chinese Community event in Vancouver at the
following time and location.
“Alas,  I cannot be in Vancouver for the Dinner(s) on Jan 30 and 29. Much as I would have liked.  Sounds like a grand affair.  Please give my sincere regards to Shelagh, she will be a fabulous co-host.  Also please remember me to my friends at Vancouver Dance Academy.”
Check out the following link for George.
which provides photos and my story at the Athens Olympics last August as personal assistant to the Chinese team in the Olympic Village.
You may see  for info and trailer regarding the documentary film that will be released this year on CTV and BBC.

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