Tales of an Urban Indian – great play at the FIRE HALL Arts Centre

Go see the play Tales of an Urban Indian at the Firehall Arts Centre.

Tales of an Urban IndianWritten by and starring
Darrell Dennis

March 2 – 12, 2005Insightful! Hilarious! Powerful! Tales of an Urban Indian is created by and starring the well known Second City performer and zany host of APTN’s Bingo and a Movie, Darrell Dennis.

I saw the play last week on opening night and I thought that actor
Darrell Dennis was extremely funny and serious in his one person
play.  He definitely touches on all the positive and negative
experiences of what it is like being an urban indian, drawing on
personal and shared/communal experiences.

The opening features a slide show of traditional and stereotypical
depictions of First Nations people, that slides into cartoons and
playboy charicatures. 

“Now that we've got that out of the way…” says Dennis, he tells
what it was like growing up on a Reserve, moving to the city as a
child, then moving back to the Reserve.

“Tell us again, what are White people like,” they beg the new story
teller, as all the other kids have only seen White people on tv

Comedy turns to achievement, then tragedy, and finally
redemption.  It's a great story, and gives you a wonderful way to
experience what it is like walking in the shoes of an urban indian.

Tickets are $14 – $22 and are available at the Firehall Box Office,
604-689-0926 or online at

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