Terry Fox feature in Vancouver Sun today! How Terry came into the world

Today's Vancouver Sun has a two page feature on Terry Fox on page
B2-B3.  It leads off with a story about how Terry came
into the world at a hospital in Winnipeg.  Tomorrow's edition will
feature his relationship with his younger brother Darrell who
accompanied Terry on his Marathon of Hope. 

This year is the 25th anniversary of Terry's Marathon of Hope, which
saw him run 2/3 of the way across Canada from New Found Land to Thunder
Bay, Ontario.  This year I will write stories about Terry Fox and
my own experiences about surviving cancer in 1989, and subsequently
becoming a Terry's Team member in 1993.  Terry's Team members
serve as living examples that cancer research has made a difference,
and speak at Terry Fox Runs, as well as elementary schools – as I have
done every year since Terry's brother Darrell asked me to become a
Terry's Team member in 1993.

“How could somebody run a marathon a day?” asked my favorite barista
Rob, at my favorite Vancouver coffee bar (Guttenberg's at Library
Square) this morning, when I told him about the Vancouver Sun
article.  I shared with Rob some of the stories I had been told by
Terry's coaches and family.  He had always been an enormously
driven person, recieving Athelete of the Year of PoCo when he
graduated from Port Coquitlam high school.

More later….see other stories at http://www.gunghaggisfatchoy.com/blog/TerryFox

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