Gung Haggis dragon boat team practice review May 25

Hi everybody

Wednesday's practice went well.

Early birds at 5:30pm all got one on one coaching with educational
correction. We went down to the boat early to practice paddling, and I
gave coaching tips, and corrected people's posture and
techniques.  We all agree that this is some of the best coaching
we can do.  Everybody feels they are paddling better after the one
on one work.

At 6:25 we went out in the boat.  I steered and coached leading
drills and pointers from the back, as Bob Brinson was unable to attend
practice due to work (this is why we have 2 coaches!)

We picked up Ashley and Randa from the Dragon Zone dock then did some
more practice starts, and we did the “parking exercise” where we talk
with our seat partner about what we want to work on for our own

The next starts were gradually more explosive, and our short race piece
was surprisingly good except for our finish where we went out of time.

On the whole, the team is progressing well.  At this point we are
looking now to assign specific seats to people, as by now you know
which side you prefer, and we have a better idea of your abilities.

We finished the practice off with some group work, alternating fronts,
middles and backs.  Some technique work for the 5-5-5 drill (5
draw strokes to the side, 45 deg angle 5 strokes, + 5 strokes
forward)  After the exercise, everybody was paddling quieter, the
paddles were deeper, and the catch was very together.

Short intense practice – less endurance or strengther training. 
We also taught people the stealth blades for preparation at a start,
and how to be always ready at a start by creating some race situations.

For Sunday's practice:

Please arrive by 12:15 pm at Dragon Zone
We are on the water by 1pm, and want to ensure that everybody is race
ready, as we pretend this is an actual race event, and will do a quick
warm-up then do a race with some other boats.

June 5th is Race Regatta Day
This is where we do an actual 500m race with other boats, as the ADBF
does a dress rehearsal for the technical side of the races…

June 18/19 is coming up fast…

Cheers, todd

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