Gim Wong's Ride for Redress in Calgary

Here are the latest updates from Gim's Ride for Redress in Calgary.
Sid Tan told me that Gim has safely made it to Medicine Hat now.

Check out the Shared Vision article featuring Gim,
Sid Tan and Sean Gunn.

The following are e-mail reports from Victor Wong and Teresa

Hi, All:
I apologize for not updating you earlier.........I was stuck in a
conference until 3 yesterday, it was May 5-Chinese commitment
etc...........anyways, I managed to organize a press conference for
Gim and Jeff......they arrived Calgary midnight Friday.........

Gim is exhausted as always, Press Conference went well........we had
the Calgary Sun, CFCN[CTV], Global, A-Channel and CBC showed up.......all
the major madia except the Herald and Fairchild---which really surprised
me. We also had a local wrtier Dale, who used to work for Global T.V. and
some supporter and activist show up.

I only managed to see the coverage on Global and A-Channel but didn't
get to taping them or check on the other sources. He was very well received
by the media.

I choose the Chinese Cultual Centre in Chinatown at 3:30 thinking that
was end of Chinese School time and hadn't realized the biggest chinese
school has moved outside of chinatown altogether.

So, I was pleased with the media turnout but there were only about
15-20 supporters and onlookers.
I offered for Gim and Jeff to stay at my place last night as they
don't want to spend money on hotels or motels if they don't need to. I managed to
make them steamed pork with salted fish, salted eggs and gai choy---Gim's
favorite food before I went over to my grandma's for half an hour with

My rice was too hard for him lastnight!
Gim lost his glassess on route to Calgary and Jeff got him a new pair
yesterday. There's a leak from one of the bikes and Jeff is trying to
fix it right now. They were planning to leave this morning , then this

My husband is making congee with salted pork and perserved eggs for
Gim and he is still napping [he decided to take a nap around 9am but actually
hit the bed after 10am].

I spoke to Jeff about being flexible with their pace of travel, if they get
to Ottawa by July 1, great, if not, I am sure there are many other
ways people can organize activities for Gim in Manitoba and Ontario etc.
I also told Jeff to suggest to Gim at the appropriate time if he can
prepare a couple of 20-30 second soundbits for the media in addition to his
stories would be very helpful for the media as I think he will attract media
attention if the local people / group is able to organize something.

That's all for now, folks!!

A few suggestions from me:
1. I think we should work on getting him the Order of Canada
2. It would be helpful if someone can suggest the next organizing
group[s] to not only povide background information on the issues but also a little more info on Gim and
have it printed out on the day of the event
would be helpful......the media received the backgroun info I
emailed them, but the person showed up to the press event didn't have it, or have access to it etc. hence
not too terribly informed.


Sent: Friday, June 10, 2005 9:47 AM
Subject: update on Gim

Hi everyone:
I just spoke with Gim. He's in Calgary and he and Jeffrey are
fixing the van today. Gim said he's exhausted. I asked him to take a couple of
days to rest. Teresa is back tomorrow. Gim plans to ride out maybe tomorrow
night but best we wait til he speaks with Teresa.

Re the fundraising...if folks prefer, I can set up a separate bank
account: Gim Wong - Ride for Redress. Its just easier to use CCNC and I will
separate out the donations. I think Yew said that this would cost a few

It would be great if we could help to cover some of it. Could we start
with a ball-park $5000 for Gim's travel expenses?
Anyways I still need help for Regina and Winnipeg. Will try to
connect with Wanda from the NARCC list and Keiko of NAJC.

More later

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