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Adrienne Wong's “Shoe Piece” on CBC Radio this Sunday morning

a message from Adrienne Wong, my favorite Asian Canadian actor, writer,
director and producer…. also former dragon boat paddler and
flag-grabber… and simply involved in so many things in Vancouver's
theatre community.


from Adrienne Wong:

If you missed my Shoe Piece last month, you weren’t alone. In fact, due
to a misunderstanding it wasn’t even aired! Lucky for us it will
be aired this Sunday July 24. Listening in requires some early morning
activity as it’ll be on the air around 7:30 AM PDT on CBC Radio One.

North by Northwest is a province-wide program aired in BC, but if you
are outside of the province, don’t despair! You can listen to the
program in real-time over the internet. Which means that if you are
further east, you don’t have to get up as early… Just go to, click on Radio and follow the links.

All the best,

Does “haggis won ton” translate into french? The Source interview for Gung Haggis Fat Choy January 2005

Does “haggis wun-tun” translate into french?

Early in January 2005, I did an interview for The Source, a bilingual
newspaper in Vancouver.  Nigel Barbour met me at Library Square
and we chatted at Guttenberg's – one of my favorite coffee and tea
houses in the Library Square area.

Nigel was very intrigued by the concept of Chinese-Canadian and Scottish-Canadian cultures mixed together.

Very strange to read out myself in french.  Mais bien encours, je
peux parler en francais plus mieux que je parle en chinois.  Je
suis nay a Vancouver.  Je suis  cinquieme-generation Canadien!

Here's the link to the interview.