BBQ evening at The Vancouver Aquarium: my girlfriend takes me for a “date”

Imagine having the Vancouver Aquarium all to yourselves…
Imagine having a nice quiet after-hours dinner at the Aquarium with
only the company of beluga whales (known as “the canaries of the
sea”)… and your loved one.
Imagine a warm summer night with only the sound of dolphins, and the lapping of waves…

Well… close, but not quite…
It rained most of the day, and by the evening very light rain drops
intermittently fell.  About sixty people were there for the
Aquarium program called Twilight Tuesdays – probably due to the rain…
Music could be heard in the distance, well rather loudly if you stood
at the Aquarium entrance, as Blue Rodeo was playing the first of two
concerts at Malkin Bowl.

But it was a wonderful date!
We saw the new Pacific Whitesided Dolphin named “Laverne
on loan from Sea World San Antonio.  We saw our favorites – the
sea otters.  Butterflies were abundant in the Amazon Gallery, and
we saw not two – but three sloths!  And one was actively eating
from its feeder!  Very rare for a visit indeed…

It is an absolute must-do if you have visitors in town next
summer.  Only $12.45 if you are a member, $29.95 for non-members
which includes aquarium admission.  Prices cheaper for students,
seniors, youth and children.

A choice of chicken, beef or veggie burger.  Salad buffet options
included Mixed Greens, Caesar, Potato and Oriental Noodles.  We
both chose chicken burgers and added healthy doses of bbq sauce and
mayonaise…. and of course tried each of the salads.  A drink of
beer or wine was included.  Pretty good for $12.45 if you are
already a member.

Special romantic note:  our first date was at the aquarium in
2003, and our 1st year anniversary date was also celebrated at the
aquarium with a gift membership for my girlfriend.  If you live in
the Vancouver area, I heartily recommend a membership and aquarium
lunch or dinner dates at the Vancouver Aquarium.

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