Paul Yee in Vancouver for Writers Festival and new book launch for Chinatowns

Paul Yee was featured at the Vancouver Writers and Readers Festival on
Tuesday and Wednesday.  He will be sticking around town, as he
will be launching his new book Chinatowns, published by Lorimer, at the
Vancouver Museum on Oct 25th.  Janice Wong's book Chow will also
be featured.

Paul's new book is a pictorial history of Chinatowns across
Canada.  Paul's first illustrated history book was Saltwater City:
an Illustrated History of Vancouver's Chinatown.  This book won
the inaugural Vancouver City Book Award, and will be revised next
spring by Douglas McIntyre.

I first met Paul in 1986, when he chaired the Saltwater City exhibition
at the Chinese Cultural Centre.  This was a wonderful celebration
of 100 years of Vancouver chinese history for Vancouver's
Centennial.  I will look for some old pictures of Paul from the

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