“Our Story” head tax sound bites and turn table hip hop by No Luck Club

“Our Story” head tax sound bites and turntable hip hop by No Luck Club

Trevor Chan, the laptop samplist, of
No Luck Club has created a mashup called “Our Story.”

It address the head tax issue and 62 years or legislated
racism.   It is an amazing aural soundscape that splices
together historical and documentary sound bites including quotes from Martin Luther King Jr.  The juxtaposition of positive and negative statements for racial equlality is striking.

January 15th is Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States.  This is a great way to celebrate racial equality and justice for all.

Listen to such quotes as:

“We don't want Chinamen in Canada.  This is a white man's country and white men will keep it.”

“The people of Canada do not wish to make a fundamental alteration to the character of our population”

“Large scale immigration from the Orient would change the fundamental composition of the population the  of Canada”

“He's telling us what he wants us to know.  That's his story not our story.”

“The government passed a special
legisalation which places a tax of $50 on every Chinese entering the
country.  The Head tax was raised to $100 and eventually in 1903
to $500.”

“We have suffered political
oppression, economic exploitation and social degradation.  The
government has failed us.  You can't deny that.”

Vancouver seethed with racial hatred.  An Anti-Asiatic league was formed.”

“You know how I want to think of myself – as a human being.”

Trevor has given me permission to post it.

Listen to it on
Dogma Radio

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