CHOW + Wong X 4 = Chef Stephen wong joins panel discussion on CHOW at VPL

CHOW + Wong X 4 = Chef Stephen wong joins panel discussion on CHOW at VPL

Wong, Wong and Wong: Not a secret Hong Kong Triad but a Vancouver food
and history Quartet (we sound very dangerous, don't you think?)

Stephen Wong has now been added to the panel discussion on Chinese
food, life and restaurants for Janice Wong's presentation of CHOW From
China to Canada: Memories of Food and Family.

January 18th, 2006
Vancouver Public Library
Alice Mackay Room
will make a slide show presentation about her 4 generation family
history, and her father's restaurant in Saskatchewan.  I am
Janice's 2nd cousin – once removed, so I am 5th generation.  Maybe
I will bring the Rev. Chan Legacy photo display, so we can see the 6th
and 7th generations too!

found an image of a very secretive, dangerous Bela Lugosi…(love the
cauldron and the extremely long chopsticks).  This is a
publicity poster from one of Great-Uncle Luke's films that Janice is
including in her presentation so she can read the little bit about the
preacher's son who made his way to Hollywood acting in films such as
The Good Earth, and starring in “The Mysterious Mr. Wong.”

Stephen Wong
is a Hong Kong-born chef, restaurant consultant, writer and food
ambassador. He contributes to the Vancouver Sun as well as national and
international food periodicals and books. Since 1978 Stephen's
groundbreaking ideas and creative influence have enhanced the
reputations of many B.C. restaurants. He is in demand as a guest chef
in the U.S., Japan, China and across Canada.

Larry Wong is the president of
the Chinese Canadian Historical Society, and the executive director of
the Chinese Canadian Military Museum.  He is also a childhood
friend of author Wayson Choy, and Larry was on the inaugural One Book
One Vancouver committee. Larry was born in Vancouver's Chinatown where
he spent his first 25 years. He is a retired federal civil servant and
has always had a keen interest in Chinese Canadian history. He has been
published in the Vancouver Sun, The Beaver magazine, the British
Columbia History magazine and is presently working on a series of
stories about growing up in Chinatown.

Todd Wong is perhaps best known
as the media mogul behind Gung Haggis Fat Choy. The yearly CNY/Robbie
Burns Day dinner is Todd's creation.  Todd loves Chinese Canadian
history and culture, and when he was invited to present a welcome gift
to Shelagh Rogers and the Sounds Like Canada CBC Radio program crew….
Todd invented haggis won ton!

Janice Wong is an award winning
Vancouver visual artist.Her most recent exhibition was held in Split,
Croatia in September, 2005.  Her long fascination with her rich
multigenerational Canadian family history inspired her to write
CHOW.  Since its publication, Janice has been a much in demand
author for local and national radio and tv media including CBC's Sounds
Like Canada, North by Northwest and Pacific Palate, City TV's City
Cooks, Toronto's Breakfast TV, Shaw Studio 4, and print media including
The Richmond Review, The Georgia Strait, New Brunswick Reader, Rice
Paper Magazine

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