Mozart turns 250 today! But was Mozart multi-cultural?

Mozart turns 250 today!  But was Mozart multi-cultural?

I love Mozart's music.  This morning I turned on CBC Radio Two – 105.7 FM in Vancouver.
Playing was my absolute Mozart symphony.  #40.  I prefer it
more than the more often played No. 40 “Jupiter” and the No. 25

Mozart also had to write his operas in Italian, since it was “the
official opera language” of the day.  And like many composers he
also drew on folk and ethnic melodies.  His Turkish Rondo is a
good example of this practice.  And Turkish Rondo is also one of
my favorite pieces that I can play on my concert accordion.  Oh…
and I have a jazz inspired transcription of Turkish Rondo titled
“Mozart Gets Around.”  Very cool!

My friend Rick Scott even wrote a
rap tribute called “Yo Mo Concerto” found on Rick's “Making Faces”
children's cd.  “Yo Mo! Hey there Amadeu…. whatcha gonna play

Mozart is universally loved because his music is universal in its appeal and its themes.

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