The Joy Kogawa House has been named to Heritage Vancouver's 2006 Top

The Joy Kogawa House has been named to

Heritage Vancouver's 2006 Top Endangered sites

Their website description is as follows:

10. Kogawa House (1913)
1450 West 64th Avenue

In late fall 2005, City Council approved a 120-day demolition delay to
allow sufficient funds to be raised for the purchase and preservation of the
Kogawa House as a cultural and literary landmark.

The Land Conservancy of BC (TLC) has stepped in to help raise the over
one million dollars required to buy the house and pay for the repairs and
renovations necessary to convert it to a writers’ centre. However, if
efforts to purchase the property within the 120-day period (which ends March
31) are unsuccessful, the current private owner will demolish the house.

The Kogawa House has special literary significance as the childhood
home of acclaimed Canadian author Joy Kogawa. Through its depiction in her
novel, Obasan, the house has a strong symbolic and historical association with
the internment of Japanese-Canadians during WWII. The novel recalls this
episode in Canadian history through the eyes of a child. Kogawa’s childhood home
and the cherry tree in the back yard figure prominently in the novel.

Heritage Vancouver joins with other arts and literary groups across
Canada to support the proposed writers’ centre.

For a complete listing of all ten properties on the Heritage Vancouver
2006 Top Endangered Sites, see the link

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