“Music with Marnie”at Vancouver Children's Festival – I meet Marnie!!!

“Music with Marnie”at Vancouver Children's Festival – I meet Marnie!!!

Marnie Grey and Todd Wong – my eyes are closed in bliss! – photo Deb Martin

I went to the Vancouver International Children's
with my mother and my almost 3 year old nephew.  We went to see “Music with Marnie,” 
Marnie Grey is an incredibly energetic former pre-school worker, who
now headlines her own shows at children's festivals across the country.

Marnie is a friend of my mother's.  They practice Qi Gong together
sometimes.  Marnie and her husband Kevin were caught in the
December 26th Tsunami in Thailand.  Check out her incredible story
of getting hit by the water, running for the hills, and experiencing
the incredible love and support of the Thai people, as well as how
Marnie has found a way to give something back to the Thai community.

Check out Marnie's bio at the Children's Fest.  Better yet – catch her remaining shows on Sunday May 21, or Monday May 22.

The Children's Festival is lots of fun this year.  We also saw
Lolo and
Bob, two fun young women who sing songs about sea animals in a show
called Sea Notes.  We did face painting, and I even bought a large
stuffed animal dragon toy.  One for my nephew… one for me and
the dragon boat team.

Marnie has a wonderful children's album called Groovin' Through the Neighborhood.  It has instantly singable songs perfect for pre-school aged children.  Check out Marnie's album:

My Favorite Marnie Songs are:

1. Marnie and Her Rock and Roll Band
2. Kangaroos
5. Cement Truck Mix
6. Oh the Bump
10. I Yi Yippee Yi Yay
14. Mumbu Where are You?
15. Going to the Moon

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