Gung Haggis + PYROS Filipino team in action at ADBF on Sunday

Gung Haggis + PYROS Filipino team in action at ADBF on Sunday

I finally found a picture of us on the net….

Sunday morning race… The PYROS boat was packed with Gung Haggis
paddlers…  I wish this could have been true for the Rec F final…

This picture is from the Rec F semi-final.  The team came 1st, and
qualified for the Rec F Championship, where they won a Bronze medal.

While the top arm technique is varying… the timing is good. 
We are out of the water all at the same time…

Look at the lead strokes and all the Filipino paddlers – notice how
their outside wrist is slightly curled inwards – this is an outrigger
paddling technique that helps hasten a quick exit from the water.
Notice how low their paddles are to the water, as they exit and start
their recovery – minimum wasted energy.  Our paddles are flying
high all over the place!

We had a nice practice on the water tonight… we paddled all the way
to Granville Island, to the Alder Bay dock that the FCRCC uses. 
On the way beside Granville Island, we did the “eyes closed”
exercise.  The team kept good timing, and even did a power series
with eyes closed.  When they opened their eyes, people were amazed
that they were no longer on False Creek's main channel, but around the
corner at Alder Bay, beside all the Southside condos.

For the last 30 minutes we gave the boat over to Joseph of the PYROS
team, and he gave some paddling instructions to give us more power. 
Key thing – get the paddle in sooner and deeper.  Big reach… and
quicker recovery.  Joseph knows we can get much more power out of our

I swear… the boat was really flying at times tonight.  You could really feel a strong surge in the boat.

Looking forward to our next race!

no practice this Friday….    see everybody on Sunday 1pm.

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