A North Vancouver weekend – what to do? Explore Lonsdale Quay!

A North Vancouver weekend – what to do? Explore Lonsdale Quay!

It was a North Vancouver weekend that had started on Thursday night with dinner at West Vancouver's Beach House restaurant, which I first remembered as Pepe's back in the late 1970's.  Cultural entertainment was provided at The Silk Purse, with Romanza (formerly the Canadian / or Maple Leaf Tenors).

Friday was much more laid back… starting with pizza for lunch from Little Caesar's from Edgemont Village.  They had customer appreciation day with any size, and unlimited toppings for $9.99.  Edgemont Village is a nice little neighborhood shopping area.  My favorite places to visit are: Village VQA Wines, 32 Books, Vancouver Kids Books.  There is a very cosy small town feel to this little jewel of a shopping area.  There are quaint shops and eclectic shops such as horse and riding tack shop.  I often drop into Paws and Claws to pick up food or toys for my kitty cat. And then coffee at Delaney's… or that really cute restaurant around the corner, across from the Capilano branch library. 

On Saturday, we went over to Lynn Valley to pick up my new order of contact lenses at  Westlynn optical.  Owner Debbie Fisher is always very helpful, and the store was extremely helpful when I once  phoned them from San Francisco trying to get my prescription because I had accidently ripped the only lenses that I had with me, while on a dragon boat road trip.  Last year, they even gave me a sample of blue contact lenses – that was fun!  Westlynn Bakery always has a special for each day.  Their blueberry and pumpkin pies are delicious.  We bought their carrot cake.

Next down to Lonsdale where my girlfriend had to check out the Echoes store where they sell and trade china sets and place settings.  We next parked on Esplanade and walked down to Lonsdale Quay – playing “tourist in your own town”.  We visted Celtic Connections which had lots of books on Scottish tartans and weddings.  I didn't know that there was a proper dress code for kilted weddings before!  I wanted to buy the tin whistle – maybe that will be the first step for me to learn to play bagpipes.  Deb was delighted to discover there was a Cheshire Cheese Inn – with a menu full of British food dishes such strange sounding dishes such as “bangers and mash”, “toad in the hole” as well as “shepherd's pie.” This might be a place to bring the Gung Haggis Fat Choy for a traditional British /Scottish meal, since we often go to eat Chinese/Japanese/Cambodian after Tuesday night practices. It was interesting to find these two British cultural specialty stores – but nothing Persian at Lonsdale Quay, although there were plenty of Japanese and other Asian restaurants in the food court.

We looked through the stores on the 2nd level, and strolled through the market section.  I spent some time looking at cookbooks, as well as the fresh seafoods, as I contemplated what to cook for dinner.  It was a delight to discover a brand new Mark Anthony wine story that specialized in Mission Hill wines, as well as Okanagan Cider.  We had a lovely chat during a wine tasting with the manager, sampling the Mission Hill Reisling.  A special surprise was that Mission Hill had just released their premium 2003 Occulus Wine and was on sale for $49, instead of $60.  Okay, I picked up a bottle – I still have the 1999 Occulus I picked up in 2002 – still waiting for a special occasion.

Fresh herb fettucini from Duso's was perfect for the evening meal.  It is light and flavourful – definitely a treat from dried pasta.  I was sorry not to see my high school friend Susan there.. as she married Duso – and I sometimes see her there behind the counter with a big big smile for me!  Anyways… dinner was pan-fried prawns in a sweet Thai chili sauce, encrusted with black sesame seeds, served on top of a bed of herb fettucini with ginger soy marinated beef slices, accompanied by stir fried zuccini, carrots and portabello mushroom.  A mix of Asian, and Italian cooking sensations… Marvelous! More things in life should revolve around food and wine.

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    you should check out Sweet Art Bakery on the corner of Lonsdale and 1st. It's a pretty nice place with some pretty delicious and fancy pastries.


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