I survived Jenny Kwan's fundraiser: Scotch tasting party

I survived Jenny Kwan's fundraiser: Scotch tasting party.

It's a small house party of a fundraiser.  There are many
different bottles of
Scotch for you to try, along with some wonderful appetizer and snack
foods.  Jenny's husband Dan has a wonderful way with food, and he
sent me home with some incredibly delicious chocolate pate.

My accordion and I provided some musical entertainment.  Jenny
said I was a hit.  Her husband Dan booked me for a return
engagement for next year.

What did I do?  Simply lead singalongs of “When Asian Eyes Are
and “My Haggis Lies Over the Ocean.”  It fit perfectly with
Jenny's Chinese heritage and her husband Dan's Scottish heritage. 
We also sang “Loch Lomand (You Take the High Road)” with Vancouver city
councillor Heather Deal leading one of the verses, while everybody
joined in for the chorus.

I also performed the Address to the Haggis, while former Vancouver city
councillor Jim Green cut up the
haggis.  Okay… it wasn't a traditional reading.  It was my
very untraditional Haggis Rap.  Dan and Jenny said that in the 5
years they have been hosting their Scotch tasting party, it was the
best reading of the Burns immortal poem, they had witnessed.

It was a great party…. I will definitely return for
next year.

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