Margaret Cho VS Sheryl Crow

Hmmm… what do I see tonight?
Margaret Cho or Sheryl Crow?

Both are performing in Vancouver Tonight.  Cho is a headliner for the Vancouver Comedy Festival, at the Orpheum Theatre.

Sheryl Crow is on tour with John Mayer, playing at the Pacific Coliseum.

Margaret Cho is that fabulous comedian, and star of that former
American sitcom tv show All America Girl, which tried to portray a
Korean-American family.  The misguided producers actually hired a
consultant to help Cho became more “Asian.” 

Cho went through depression, after the show was cancelled, and rebuilt
herself into a stunning comedienne with hit shows such as “I'm the One
that I Want,” and “Revolution”  – filled with her biting satire,
wit and commentary on race issues in America.

Sheryl Crow is the rocker, who is also known as Lance Armstrong's
latest ex, as well as the singer/songwriter of such hits as All I Want
to Do, Strong Enough, and Soak Up the Sun.  I really like Crow's
rootsy approach to music, with feet in folk, rock and country. 
She even produced Dixie Chicks' version of Landslide, originally
written by Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac fame.

So this Friday night, Margaret Cho or Sheryl Crow?
Asian American social issues or good rockin' music with a rootsy feel?

Well… John Mayer is opening for Sheryl.  A good pop musician who can really play the blues with Eric Clapton or BB King.

Ticket bought… going to see Sheryl.   And she's even a
breast cancer survivor too!  Gotta love a gal who can play the

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