Happy National Flag Day of Canada Feb 15, 2007 + Canadian Club Vancouver's Flag Day / Order of Canada luncheon

Happy National Flag Day of Canada Feb 15, 2007
+ Canadian Club Vancouver's Flag Day / Order of Canada luncheon

Canadian Flag

It is the 42nd birthday of the Candian Maple Leaf flag.  Did you know it was
National Flag Day

Yesterday I celebrated by co-chairing the Canadian Club Vancouver's
annual Flag Day / Order of Canada luncheon.  It was the club's
10th annual luncheon which also celebrated Vancouver area's newest
members of the Order of Canada.

New Officers of the Order of Canada that attended the luncheon included Janet Davidson and David Dolphin.  First Nations blessing and drum song was given by elder Bob Baker.  Margaret Gallagher of CBC TV's Living Vancouver show emceeded the event.  Marie Bourgeois introduced keynote speaker Roslyn Kunin.

Marisa Gaetanne takes a bow finishing the performance of the Vancouver
Bach Children's Chorus' performance of “This Is My Home.” – photo Todd

Marie Bourgeois OC, First Nations elder Bob Baker and event co-chair Todd Wong.

· February 14, 2007On Canada and Excellence: The 10th
annual ‘Order of Canada & Flag Day’ luncheon, in which recent Order
of Canada honorees who live in the lower mainland are recognized and a
Canadian-flag decorated cake is served. This signature event, with its
colourful pomp and circumstance, always sells out.

upcoming Canadian Club events are:
· April 2007On Canada and its Linguistic Duality: The 5th annual ‘Déjeuner entièrement en français
in which Canada’s other official language is front and center, for the
enjoyment of our francophone and francophile members and supporters.

· May 2007 Celebrating Youth Achievement:
The presentation ceremony for student-winners of the ‘Canada Soars’
competition, initiated by the Club with support from Weyerhaeuser, and
of the Prix Trudeau, sponsored by the Club, for an outstanding achiever
in the ‘Concours d’art oratoire.’

National Flag of Canada Day February 15

Canadian Flag


At the stroke of noon on February 15, 1965, Canada's red and white maple leaf flag was raised for the very first time.

The flag belongs to all Canadians; it is an emblem we all share.

simple in design, Canada's flag well reflects the common values we hold
so dear: freedom, peace, respect, justice and tolerance. Canada's flag
is a symbol that unites Canadians and expresses throughout the world
and always our pride in being Canadian.

The maple leaf flag pays homage to our geography, reflects the grandeur of our history and represents our national identity.

flag thus honours Canadians of all origins who through their courage
and determination, have helped to build and are continuing to build our
great country: a dynamic country that is open to the future.

I, Jean Chrétien, Prime Minister of Canada, declare that February 15
will be celebrated henceforth as National Flag of Canada Day.

us be proud of our flag! Let us recognize how privileged we are to live
in Canada, this magnificent country that encompasses our history, our
hopes, our future.

Jean Chrétien

Prime Minister of Canada February 15, 1996

Flag Day Declaration

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