8th Annual Asian Comedy Night – May 18 & 19 – 8pm

8th Annual Asian Comedy Night – May 18 & 19 – 8pm

The Vancouver Asian Canadian
Theatre presents:

Etch-Your-Sketch SKETCHOFF!#$%!!
8th Annual Asian
Comedy Night

May 18 and May 19
Roundhouse Community Centre
Theatre, Vancouver

It's comedy night time again and this year, we have 6
new sketch groups competing for the coveted Vancouver Rice Bowl.
Etch-YOUR-Sketch SKETCHOFF!#$%!! – 8th Annual Asian Comedy Night is happening on
Friday, May 18th and Saturday, May 19th. The first night, the teams are judged
by people in the industry and on the 2nd night, the audience is the judge with
their applause and measured with a decibel reader. Teams have a chance to win up
to $350!

With names like Slant Eyed Peas, Sfuu Man Chu, Bananadrama,
Yangtzers, Lick the Wax Tadpole and Disoriental, it surely will be a night full
of laughs.

If you're not going away this long weekend, and you want
something that will make you laugh … check out the 8th annual Asian Comedy
Night. A guaranteed night of some pretty funny stuff. Help support Asian
Canadian Theatre in Vancouver.

SKETCHOFF!#$%!! has been a sold-out event
every year and the annual show has provided a rare showcase for various Asian
stand-up comedians and sketch groups
from all over Canada and the US. As a
developer of new talent, VACT had previously
incubated such successful local
Asian-Canadian sketch comedy troupes as HOT SAUCE POSSE and ASSAULTED FISH.

Come cheer the Etch-Your-Sketchers on! HA HA's are guaranteed a night
filled with HaHaHa's!

$12 in advance in person at the
Roundhouse Theatre,
by telephone 604.713.1800, or online on
$15 cash at the door
14+, some coarse language and sexually
suggestive content


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