Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team racing this weekend at Alcan Dragon Boat Festival

Here is the 2007 Gung Haggis Fat Choy Dragon Boat team for the Alcan Dragon Boat Festival – photo taken by Richard Montagna on June 3rd at the ADBF regatta. sitting: Keng, Cindy, Deb, Todd, Barb, Stuart M
standing: Sean, Alex, Dan (back), Hillary, Jane, Art, Georgia, Sarah, Steven W, Marlene, Stuart H, Joe (with hat), Tzhe (with black cap), Gerard, Wendy, Jonas, Jim, Peggy.
Missing: Ernest, Stephen M.

We have a good strong core with 7 rookies who raced their first dragon boat races this year. We have 5 second year paddlers.  We have 14 paddlers who have raced for 2+ years.  We have built flexibility into the team, and have 3 people who can drum, 4 people who can steer, 5 people who can do lead stroke.

Jim Blatherwick is team captain for ADBF, Todd Wong is coach and clan chieftain, Deb Martin is drummer and Stephen Mirowski is steering.

For 2007, we have named
James Erlandsen
as our honourary drummer.  James is currently fighting leukemia, and while he has never before set foot in a dragon boat team, we hope to inspire his recovery for health, and find him a bone marrow donor.  James is Eurasian, which makes it harder to find a matching donor.  Our paddler Hillary Wong is James' cousin.

Our rookie paddler Stuart Mackinnon, is the teacher sponsor for the brand new Killarney
Cougar Dragons
junior team.  Todd Wong has been their coach, and Stephen Wong has assisted steering the team.

key times:
Heat 7 – 9:06 am: Killarney Cougar Dragons
Heat 12 – 10:01 am :  Gung Haggis Fat Choy
Heat 29 – 1:08     Gung Haggis  & Friends 50+
Heat 33 1:52 or Heat 34 2:03 pm  Juniors
Heat 37 2:36 or Heat 39 2:58 or Heat 40 3:09 Gung Haggis Fat Choy

Check the full race schedulehere:

Jim is right – we are a Recreation team… and our objective is to have FUN…  paddle hard, work as a team, and medals will be gravy (now if we did enter a women's team, and ended up in the lowest division – medal chances would be 3/5 instead of 3/16 for Mixed division.)

50+ races get to race in the 50+ race at 1pm.
Keng, Gerard, Steven W. Jane, Stuart, Cindy, Joe, Marlene, Georgia,  any others I miss?  This will help our rotation of spares, to ensure that more people get 4 races over the weekend.

We will add Richard + paddlers from UA, Tacoma, Pirates to add up to 20 paddlers.  I will steer this boat.
5 teams in this race… chances of a medal are 3/5.
other teams are Team Momentuum, FC Grand Masters, Wasabi Mixed, and Dragon's Breath

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