More comments about GENERATIONS: The Chan Legacy

More comments about GENERATIONS: The Chan Legacy

Generations is a 6 part series and the lead installment is The Chan Legacy
which is about my great-great-grandfather Rev. Chan Yu Tan, and our
family descendants who are committed to community service – like me! 
The episodes of the series are:

100 Years in Saskatchewan

Watch The Chan Legacy on CBC Newsworld

July 8, 7 am PT, 10 am PST
July 29, 4 pm PST

  Generations: The Chan Legacy
– Missionaries from China come to the West Coast help Westernize Chinese immigrant workers in the late 1800's.
Generations: The Chan Legacy

What a great family history you have!
I remember you telling me, quite a few years ago, that you started
researching and writing your family history. To see it on TV so very
well documented and told was a real pleasure – and of course, seeing
you so prominently represented in its telling was as well. I had heard
you on CBC radio earlier on and would have watched it even without your
– Heidi Andre – gerontologist

Very fine! That Generations item on CBC-TV is
another indication that the history of the Chinese in
Vancouver is rich and
interesting and
human. And, besides, we got to see Todd Wong in a kilt!
It inspired me to think, and I'm being serious here, that my history web site should be
offered in Chinese. We just need to find someone to share that

– Chuck Davis – Vancouver historian

Very good documentary.  Glad you shared that with us.

Being the son of head tax payers and a founding member of the Head Tax Families Society of Canada,
I watched your documentary with a great deal of interest and a touch
of sadness; I am happy that you told the story of the Chinese pioneers
in Canada with such clarity, but saddened by the memory of the racism
all Chinese had to endure.

My older brothers are Canadian born. When Canada
entered WWII, my three oldest brothers signed up with the Canadian
infantry to fight in the war.  Ironically, while my brothers were
fighting for Canada, I was excluded from entering Canada by the Chinese
Exclusion Act.
Your documentary will no doubt remind our government that the
redress for head tax and Chinese Exclusion Act is incomplete.  Thank

Harvey Lee – Head Tax advocate

Hi Guys,

What a great job Halya!! Kudos to you!

Todd you are the MAN!

– Gary Lee – featured interview in The Chan Legacy, Rev. Chan's great-grandson

The documentary was wonderful!   
Having known Todd Wong for all these years as well as his wonderful mother
and adorable grandmother, this documentary was a real revelation. It
excellently documents the history of Todd's family and we can now see
where his energy, his passionate spirit, dedication and drive come from
- Rev.Chan has certainly done a superb job of passing on his generous spirit
and resiliency to so many of his descendants and Canada & Canadians are
richer for it!
- Yukiko Tosa, librarian

I wanted you to know that we really enjoyed it and discussed

different cultural communities and the war. The documentary also
reminded us that the First Nations did not get the vote until 1960.
Canadian history has revised Canadian history for me.

Alex Youngberg - President, CUPE 391

Congratulations Todd!!
It was a great program.  My mom, Jessie, and I all watched it, and we thought you did a fantastic job. Paddles up!
– Mei-fah Leonard, family friend and fellow dragon boat paddler

Seven Generations!  What a
rich heritage, and what energy and creativity you have, which you share!Prayers and best wishes on all your endeavors!
– Rev. Timothy M. Nakayama, Seattle WA (Joy Kogaw's brother)

I watched Generations last night.  It was excellent, very well done,
and you looked and sounded great. Your extended family must be pleased and
honoured to be the subject of it.
- Susan Bridgman, Librarian

The first Generations documentary on your family was really great and 
you were the thoughtful and sympathetic star of the show along with
GungHaggisFatChoy. The segment with Joy and the Save Kogawa House Campaign
was also good. Best Wishes.
- Anton Wagner, filmaker, Save Kogawa House Committee

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