Music for a New World special concert April 20 at Centennial Theatre in North Vancouver

This sounds like an incredible concert!  World Music in a bottle marked Vancouver World Music Collective.

And I know and have performed with many of the featured musicians.  Silk Road Music's Qiu Xia He and Andre Thibault have performed at Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinner & First Night events since 2004.  In the past few years I have become a big fan or Orchid Ensemble's Lan Tung, as she plays her erhu.

Pepe Danza plays with Andre and Qiu Xia in the group Joutou which mixes French Canadian and Celtic with Chinese music styles.  I love Amy Stephen's accordion playing with Mad Pudding. And then add in all the other brilliant performers and styles from all over the world such as Khac Chi's Vietnamese stylings or the latin and african rhythms of their fellow World Music Collective musicians.

Too bad, I can't skip dragon boat practice on Sunday to attend.  I'd be there otherwise!


Music for a New World

Sunday, April 20

2 pm

From the Centennial Theatre website

This incredible collaboration brings together 17 of Vancouver’s best
world music artists in a one of a kind partnership in which influences
from around the world mix into a melting pot of sights and sounds.
Centred on a spirit of cooperation and collaboration, Music for a New World celebrates the diversity of world music.

Members include Amir Haghighi, Jou Tou, Khac Chi, the Masabo Culture
Company, Orchid Ensemble, Silk Road and Tzimmes. Together their music
draws from Quebecois, Uruguayan, Irish, Chinese, Vietnamese, West
African and Jewish roots. Performances include everything from ancient
traditional music, to jazz, Celtic, several Latin styles, contemporary
songs, as well as new music. It is an astounding collection of
experience and ability.

Join the celebration and experience the diversity and excitement of this unique musical event!

Music for a New World is presented in cooperation with the Vancouver International Children's Festival

Music for a New World is presented in association with the
North Shore Multicultural Society

Check out the Vancouver Sun Article:

Eclectic offering lets kids hear world music

Sunday afternoon's Music for A New World project, spearheaded by the Vancouver World Music Collective at North Vancouver's Centennial Theatre,

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