Raymond Louie hosts Wayson Choy reading

Wayson Choy Reads for Raymond Louie

Raymond Louie is hosting celebrated author Wayson Choy for a special reading in support of Raymond’s campaign for mayor.

When: April 28, 7-9PM
Where: Mekong Restaurant, 1414 Commercial Dr.
Admission: Free

I have known both Wayson Choy and Raymond Louie for a number of years.  I find them both very genuine people, dedicated to their communities.  I first met Wayson while I was on the inaugural One Book One Vancouver committee.  I first met Raymond while his wife was on the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society.  And we all worked wonderfully together.

The Mekong Restaurant plays a special role in Wayson's forthcoming new book, “Not Yet.”  It will be the sequel to his first critically acclaimed memoirs book “Paper Shadows.”

Wayson says this about Raymond Louie:

“Raymond emerges from the world I’ve described in my stories. His
parents came here with next to nothing, and he worked his way up and
proved himself again and again. He understands the struggles immigrants
face because he’s been there. His success is an amazing Canadian story.
Fortunately, there are still chapters yet to be written, and I would
trust Raymond to invest his integrity and his wisdom of the past to
secure in those pages a just and equal future for all.

Wayson Choy, author of “The Jade Peony”

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