Tanya Tagaq comes to Vancouver and transforms Inuit throat singing to new art form

Tanya Tagaq is the “Jimi Hendrix of Inuit throat singing”

2008_Oct23 032 Todd Wong and Tanya Tagaq – photo Deb Martin

I had the pleasure of meeing Tanya Tagaq on Thursday night, after she performed at the Music on Main series. Tanya has been called the “Jimi Hendrix of Inuit throat singing” by David Harrington, Kronos Quartet. 

In August, I received her sophomore album titled “Tagaq.”  It is a strange album.  It is earthy.  It is primordial.  It is ethereal.  It is unlike anything you have ever heard before.  It is transformative.

It was Vancouver's Chan Centre that had commissioned Kronos Quartet to create a new work with Tanya, I learned from Chan Centre Programning Director Joy Hinton.  Watch the video on you tube:

Nunavut (Kronos Quartet and Tanya Tagaq)


I found some other you tube videos of Tanya.  Listen to them.  Watch them.  You will be amazed, by both her traditional performances and her contemporary performances.

Here is her Canada Day Performance in Ottawa with cellist Rebecca Foon:

Tanya was in Vancouver in August, and she performed her contemporary work.

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